Finding your Voice



Maya is an ensemble creation of devised theatre featuring a cast of Paris based multucultural and multilingual performers. Inspired by Maya Angelou's early life as recounted in "I know why the caeged bird sings",  Barefoot and The Big Funk Compnany have collaboratively composed a production that includes original text, music and dance. Oftern quoting Maya's poetry and incorporatiing her words into our performance, we celebrate her strong will and spirit.

We channel back to Maya as a young girl, watch her rise above deep trauma and harsh societal relaities, cutting through adveristy to finally find her Voice.

This story resonates universally: everyone has faced hardship, and having persisted, we emerge stronger with a deepened sense of self.


Where to see it / Où aller le voir

  • Buc - February 3 2019 17h00