We connect and share creative exchanges with African communities, stimulating transformative experiences for travelling European artists as well for Africans.




Both Eric and Elizabeth grew up in Africa and have been shaped by their childhood experiences there. Throughout their professional careers and lives in Europe and France, they’ve kept close links to their homeland and its cultural richness:

Eric has visited many African countries — Senegal, South Africa & Madagascar to name a few — as a performer and host of the TV series “Un touriste dans ma tribu”.

He also lived among Namibia’s bushmen to learn from them while creating his theatrical play, aptly entitled “Bushman”

Elizabeth was a UNICEF committee member and key sponsor for the Kantar program (WPP group), where she worked as a finance director, visiting and supporting the children’s centres in Malawi.

Today, barefoot connects with African communities and shares creative exchange through diverse creative mediums. We help foster life-enriching experiences for Africans and travelling European artists alike.