Lawrence of Arabia

Inspired by the life of Lawrence of Arabia by Eric Bouvron & Benjamin Penamaria


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He was a hero
For some, he was a prophet!
How far does loyalty go when having to hide a lie?

Eric Bouvron brings T. E Lawrence’s powerful story to the stage. A young british archeologist who becomes an officer in the Middle eastern desert during world war one. This show touched upon various themes- friendship, loyalty, and betrayal- in a fascinating geopolitical context that still echoes in today’s world.

A true story in history, both tragic and comedic. Ninety different characters (including camels!) are brought to life by eight actors, three musicians and singers. They play, dance, fight, and create this oriental universe with a minimalist set, staying true to Eric’s style, with a touch of cinematic effect.

Cast / Distribution

Kevin Garnichat, Alexandre Blazy, Matias Chebel, Stefan Godin, Slimane Kacioui, Yoann Parize, Julien Saada, Ludovic Thievon, Julien Gonzales, Raphaël Maillet, Cécilia Meltzer




Where to see it / Où aller le voir

3 July 2021 Lagnes

7-30 July 2021 Avignon festival, Théâtre des Halles

2 August 2021 Bonaguil

4 August 2021 Sarlat

15 October 2021 Coye la Forêt

19 or 20 October 2021 Théâtre André Malraux, Rueil Malmaison

14 November 2021 Espace Carpeaux, Courbevoie

16 November 2021 Théâtre du Vésinet, Le Vésinet